24/12/2021: Revenue Share, Boosted Faucet! Merry Christmas! v2.1.0

December 24, 2021, by Admin

Hello everyone,

Merry Christmas to all, even if you don't celebrate it. We are sorry for the inconvenience and downtime earlier today, we have hopefully fixed that now. We have worked hard over the holidays to bring you the best experience possible. We have released our newest feature - Revenue Share. It is a model made possible by users and our partners, check it out for more information! Below are the updates so far:

- Rework of the navigation bar
- Offerwall rewards increased
- Bugs fixes
- Banner system reworked
- Added Revenue Share
- General site performance improvement

Also, Faucet rewards have now been boosted for Christmas and it will continue while we are going towards the end of 2021. Make sure to take advantage of the boost!

Again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

Kind regards,
ClicksCoin Admin

04/12/2021: Big Revamp v2.0.0

December 4, 2021, by Admin

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, due to database corruption, we were forced to rework our system as well as clear our database. All user data are kept safe but we are unable to upload to the current database, so all users will have to register again, but if you had a balance before the wipe please email [email protected] with your old email address and username, we will credit you the old balance to your new account. We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused. 

On the other hand, we have taken this opportunity to revamp our website for a big release. Our version is now going to be 2.0.0 and we have came with the following updates:

- Referral commission is now 50%!
- Referral contest is now back active
- General site speed and improvement
- Proxy / VPN is now not allowed (All payments will be denied if user is using Proxy / VPN)
- Security improvement
- Rewards increased across all earnings opportunities
- Lottery tickets are now given in PTC / Surf
- Bug fixes on Dice, Surf
- Captcha options are now available (No more annoying hCaptcha!)

We hope you liked our new update and improvements, once again sorry for the innconvenience caused, you can request your old balance to be transferred to your new account by emailing [email protected] and our amazing support team will help you with that! Thank you.

Kind regards,
ClicksCoin Management Team

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