Banner Ad Spaces Information

Banner Ad Sizes

  • We offer a wide varity of ad banner spaces:
  • - 728x90
  • - 300x250
  • - 468x60
  • - 160x600

Banner Ad Loactions

  • For all of the banners you see all throughout the website, you can buy those spaces and it will be yours for the time being!
  • Keep in mind that some pages may cost extra due to it being more common throughout the website.

Banner Ad Prices

  • Below are the banner prices per day:
  • 728x90 - 500 Satoshi
  • 300x250 - 500 Satoshi
  • 468x60 - 400 Satoshi
  • 160x600 - 400 Satoshi

How to buy banner ads?

  • Send an email to with the following questions answered:
  • - Ad Banner Size
  • - HTML code of the banner
  • - Duration

Text Ad Space Information

Text Ad Location

  • The text ad is shown on EVERY pages of the website except for home page.
  • You will be receiving lots of impressions everyday.

Text Ad Prices

  • The price for text ad per day:
  • 800 Satoshi

How to buy text ads?

  • Send an email to with the following questions answered:
  • - Text of the Ad (Must not be more than 25 words)
  • - URL
  • - Duration


  • As always we offer bulk discounts for advertisers!
  • We also accept payments from ExpressCrypto, FaucetPay, or direct payments with any mainstream Crypto!
  • For more infomation, please contact our marketing team via and our marketing team will try their best to give you the best offer they can!